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This loft community is consisting of father Ramiz, mother Ramiza and son Selvedin. Ramiz was already fascinated by pigeions when he was a young boy. After he married Ramiza who had an affectation for pigeons too it didn’t take look till the first “Serbian Highflyers” and “English Tipplers” came to Slimea.

Just before the civil war in Bosnia in the year 1990 the whole family Lugonja came to Austria and compelled to that they had to sell and partly even give away their whole pigeons loft for free! In the year 1992 their son Samir and his family went back to Bosnia and started to breed pigeons again in the year 1997. He was able to rebuy some pigeons of the old loft and bought his first homing pigeons.

In the summer of 1998 Selevdin saw homing pigeons for the first time at his brothers place and he stayed there for his whole summer holidays to watch the pigeon flights. When he was 14 years old he learned the most important things of the homing pigeon sport pretty fast. At this time they decided to integrate homing pigeons from Austrian pigeon breeders in their pigeon loft in Bosnia. Father Ramiz and his youngest son Selvedin unfortunately had no possibility to start a new pigeon breed in Austria.


Ramiza moved back to Bosnia in the year 2004 and took over the supply of the pigeons. In the same year Ramiz and Selvedin joined the club „Čursija – Travnik“.

Every time searching for good pigeons Ramiza and Selvedin visited the Netherlands in the year 2004 to meet some breeders and buy new pigeons. One of the breeders was Martha van Geel who already celebrated a lot of successes with the “Aarden pigeons”.
In the year 2005 Selvedin and his friend Franz Knoll who's a pigeon breeder too visited a show from the association in Geboltskirchen (Upper Austria) where he bought one pigeon from the loft community Wagner, one female from Ernst Nebel and one female from Harri Speer at an auction. The pigeon from Harri Speer was a granddaughter of “Lowieke” which was a root pigeon from Jan Van De Pasch. The best young pigeon what reached 4 of 4 prizes with 354,222 AS-points in Bosnia was born because of a crossbreeding from “Lowieke” with a pigeon from Franz Knoll of the line “Nebel x Amerikanerin”. The same year Selvedin decided to integrate „Cichosz-pigeons“ from Hans Brölhorst (GER) and „Janssen-pigeons“ from Heinz-Willi Ritz (GER) who are well known pigeon breeders in their loft.

After 2 years the pigeons now show their quality and family Lugonja is top placed in the middle of the best ones of the Bosnian association for the second time. This fact they have to owe the very good female „BiH 07-720-158 FATIMA“ which springs from two original pigeons from Hans Brölhorst because of a crossbreeding from „Cichosz line 17“ and „Cichosz Line 231“ what’s the best couple from family Lugonja at the moment. Year after year this couple breeds very good homing pigeons like „BiH 06-003 479 AJSA“ which reached the 2nd, 13. and 49. place in Derby Brod against a pretty hard European competitive, as well as „BiH 07-720 231 SEHERZADA“ which was 1st old pigeon allround at the RV Srednjobos.Zona and reached the seventh place in old pigeon at the short distance in der RV, as well as „BiH 07-720 153 ISMAIJL“ which is a descendant of this couple too. In the RV Srednjobos.Zona the family outspaced all the other breeders at the single flights with seven 1st old pigeons at the short distance and reached the 2nd place total allround. Apart from the "Cichosz-line" the line “Amerikanerin” in combination with the line from Jan van de Pasch should be mentioned too which also creates good homing pigeons and winners like „BiH 06-003 417, BiH 06-003 463 and BiH 07-720 216“. Of course there are a few more very good breeding pigeons which don’t belong to this lines.

Family Lugonja is always looking for better pigeons to improve their loft and is always trying to breed better and faster pigeons like „BiH 07-720 158 FATIMA“.

We wish you a good flight!


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